* Broken Winged Bird *


 .. U told me not to cry .. But u never told me how can I 
 .. How can I just hold on .. When I feel like a broken winged bird which can’t fly 
 .. When I loose my love and everything I dreamed of without knowing why 
 !! And when I find out that the most beautiful truth in my life was nothing .. But a lie 


.. ” Now it’s over .. He lift me and said ” good bye
!! ” So .. Can u pleas stop telling me ” don’t cry 


 ” When I gave him my heart .. He promised me he would never break it .. He promised he would be ” the one 
and I trusted him .. He was the moon which in lighted my life he was my shiny sun
 But now everything becomes clear .. All of that was a game to him .. He was just having some fun 


 .. Now it dosent matter .. Ether I live or I die 
!!  ” My life becomes nothing .. Since he left me and said ” good bye 



1430 / 2010